The Compromise: Plant Based Balance

What to do when you are the only plant based diet in the family:

I have been the only one in my household who eats plant based. The first thing my husband told me when I embarked on my journey for change was “I met you before this please don’t try and change me, I will do it at my own pace.” I tried showing him the documentary  “Earthlings” and lets just say he wasn’t too happy. He shut it off immediately. He also taught me never judge anyone for what they choose to put on their plate. I went crazy at the beginning and wanted to tell everyone about the new change and force it on them. And if you want to keep your relationships happy let them do what they want at their own pace. Its been 4 years now and as long as we’re happy and healthy, I have no complaints.
I do most of the cooking in our home and meal prep every week. I don’t taste his food to make sure its good, if it looks good that will work. Although he has made some changes on his own, he does not eat red meat or pork. Lately he has also incorporated plant based meals throughout the week as well. Always remember a small change is still a change. We have our date nights at plant based restaurants occasionally but for the most parts we eat at all types of restaurants and he always makes sure to ask the waiter for plant based options for me. But if you live in areas where they don’t have many plant based options you can always find ways to get creative. My point is always be supportive of each others decisions and live your best life.

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