4 Weight Loss Scams

There are many weight loss fads telling you that they will help you lose weight fast. Some of these products either don’t help at all or they will make you gain all the weight you lost and more, once you stop their product. There is no shortcut to weight loss. Here are some weight loss scams to stay clear from:

Weight Loss Scams


  1. hCG: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a hormone made during pregnancy that is said to help you lose weight along with an ultra low calorie diet. The problem with this diet is once you reach your goal weight, you stop using the product and gain all the weight back once you go back to your normal pattern of eating.
  2. Garcinia Cambogia Extract: These are diet pills that are said to turn off your weight gain hormones. They are very dangerous. The are linked to increase risk of heart attacks, stroke, jaundice and seizures due to the presence of sibutramine.
  3. Waist Trainers: Corsets can be traced way back in history. But are these waist trainers helping us lose weight? You force your midsection into this tiny waist trainer to look cartoonish. Then your “back fat” sticks out and its supposed to help you lose weight. I can speak from experience, I gave in to this and realized it does not make a difference. You can barely breath, and you can feel your organs being pushed around. I could barely pee or eat and drink. And it’s been proven they only weaken your core muscles because once you’re wearing this, you’re muscles are not engaged or activated.
  4. Skinny Teas: They either work as a laxative or diuretic depending on the beba in the tea but that is just a temporary fix. There are the fitness models and celebrities newest craze on how they lose weight. They are being paid to advertise this. The people who promote use it along with diet and exercise or some have plastic surgery.

The Real Ways to Lose Weight

Diet: Changing your lifestyle is the only way to change your diet. Do not start these diets (Keto, Atkins, Jenny Craig, Herbalife) and then revert back to your old ways once it is done. That is how you gain all the weight back. Make it a lifestyle. Losing weight is 80% of what you consume. Check out my blog post on a plant based grocery guide with meal prep ideas to help guide you in a successful lifestyle change.

Exercise: You do not have to become a fitness junkie to lose weight and reach your goals. Just get moving. Work out at least 3 times per week. Or find something energetic you like to do for 30 minutes a day. Walk your dog, practice yoga, ride a bike outside or jog.

Hydration: You should be drinking at least 3 liters of water per day. Eliminate soda and sugary drinks. Do not drink your calories. If you do not like water add some natural lemon or lime. (not the artificial flavors with dangerous ingredients like crystal light).

Sleep: Getting enough sleep is important for overall health but if you’re not sleeping the proper 7-8 hours your body holds on to fat cells and makes it harder to lose weight.

Stress Management: When you are stressed you have a high level of cortisol which drives you to crave junk food which causes stress eating. Or some people have the opposite and tend to not eat at all while stressed. Starving your body holds your fat cells for storage because your body goes into survival mode.

Making these changes to your lifestyle will bring you the weight loss you want without the cost of your health. Throw out the weight loss scams you are using and in 3 months of using the real ways of weight loss, your health and body will thank you.

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