How To Purify Your Home of Negative Energy

There are many rituals and ways to cleanse your home of negative energy. I use numerous ways but I mainly use sage or smudging to keep the positive vibe in my home. I routinely cleanse on the new and full moon, but I will do it at any time if I feel uneasy or negative energy in my home.


What is sage or smudging?

It is a Native American tradition to rid away negative energy.  It involves burning certain herbs like sage to fill your home or any space of its smoke to clear any negative, stagnant energy. It may seem unsafe or complicated but once you feel the benefits of the first cleanse you will cleanse routinely and more confidently.


One sage smudge stick  Beginner Smudge Stick

One Candle/ Matches

Fireproof Container

How to smudge your home?

First make sure you will be not be interrupted for 10-15 minutes, making this like a sense of ceremony. I usually start outside to light the smudge stick. Once I light the stick fully on the front part, I say my mantra and intention for the cleanse. This can be any of your choosing. I have a 2 story home so I prefer starting upstairs and working my way down. Gently wave the stick around each room and in every corner where stagnant energy accumulates. If possible open windows and doors. Make sure you have it in the fireproof container to make sure the burning herb does not get on any furniture or clothing.

As I walk through my home, I stay present and continue to say my mantra and focus on my breathing. As I go down stairs, I make my way to my front door and say a mantra for all who enter my home. I continue in all my rooms downstairs including the garage and I say an intention to fully release all the negative, stagnant energy through my back door. Once I am back outside I smudge around myself and say a mantra to cleanse myself. I keep the smudge stick outside to extinguish on its own. It can take a few minutes. I then cut the burnt piece off and can use the rest for the next time I cleanse.  You can use this same concept to cleanse a person as well.

Mantra Ideas

I amplify the positive energy in our home and release any bones that do not serve us.

I cleanse my body to feel better, I cleanse my mind to think better, I cleanse my spirit to be better.

I cleanse and protect all the beings in this home. (including pets too).

You can set an intention of cleansing each room (bedroom, kitchen, yoga room, etc.)

Surround this space and everyone in it with positive energy and white light.

Keep what is worth keeping and with the breath of kindness blow the rest away.” -Dinah M. Craik

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  1. Sunshine 🌞 says:

    Thank you so much for those wonderful tips I’ve been doing it in my house and I see the difference always need to be positive for a healthy lifestyle thank you my lovely hippy nurse🧘‍♂️

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