Beginner’s Guide to Yoga Equipment

There are many different kinds of yoga equipment to help you deepen your practice. It goes way beyond just a yoga mat. Some days that is all you need but these extras are an awesome way to help you connect further into your practice. Here are some essentials I use in my practice.  

Yoga Mat: This will help create your space for practice and helps to create a cushion from the hard floor. Any brand will do. There are many selections to chose from. I usually pick a brand from Amazon that won’t break the bank. Gaiam, Manna and FitSpirit. You can always splurge and get brands like Manduka, Liforme, PRANA. I like to switch them up and have a separate one for my outside practice as well. Make sure to clean your mat often. I use a spray bottle with water, tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus and frankincense. Just spray it, wipe it down and you’re done. A mat bag is optional to help you carry your mat to class with ease.

Yoga Towel: This is necessary when taking a hot yoga class or outdoor yoga. You will sweat a lot and your palms and feet can get slippery.  This is very important to avoid injury. The texture is different than a regular towel you use to shower or at the beach.

Blocks (2): This is a great way to help you increase your flexibility and improve alignment without forcing your body through pain to reach a certain pose like half moon pose or extended side angle. This allows your body to slowly improve without injury.

Yoga Strap: Also called belts, are a simple way to help you reach your feet in poses. We’re not all flexible and can easily reach our toes.

Yoga Wheel: It is basically a wheel you can roll around to deepen your stretches like wheel pose or strengthen your core for handstands or crow pose. I personally love this wheel and find it very helpful for back pain. There is a saying for yogis “You’re only as young as your back is flexible”. They are inexpensive and range from $25-$60. I got mine from Dharma Yoga Wheel.  They have many different variations.

Meditation Journal: Writing at least 3 things that your grateful for can help you further your practice and everyday lifestyle. I keep mine near my mat to help me show up for a yoga practice daily. Even if it is only for a ten minute session.

Mala Beads – 108 beads: help you to concentrate in your meditation practice. Starting at the Master bead which is the only larger bead, close your eyes, slowly taking a breath and moving from each bead, repeating your mantra until you reach the master bead again. This is very helpful for those who get distracted easily in meditation.

The Book of Awakening: It is a great read and easy way to help meditate daily. It helps us stay in the present moment and make us grateful for the life we already have. There is a daily passage with a way to meditate at the end pertaining to the passage.

Healing Crystals: These healing crystals have awesome benefits and will also help your meditation practice.. Here is my blog post to learn more on how to use them and what are the 10 Best Healing Crystals. There is also a gorgeous “SOJI” water bottle with a healing crystal inside to infuse your water with positive energy

Tibetan Singing Bowl: They give a beautiful sound to the practice. You begin by striking the bowl and as you hear the sound, rotate the mallet around the bowl softly to make music. Take your time and don’t rush. Enjoy the calming properties of the bowl. There are many shapes and sizes and it will take some practice.

Palo Santo/ Sage: By getting the wands of sage or palo santo to clean the air and space and bring in good energy to your day and practice. Guide to use Sage and Palo Santo

Essential Oils: The are essential to your practice. They help you to further your meditation and breathing practice. If you take a yoga class they usually come around towards the end of the practice while your in shavasana, or you can use it before or while practicing. I personally love Lavender and Serenity  blend from DoTerra.

Feet up: This device is a fun way to overcome your fear of going upside down. It also helps you build muscle with proper and safe alignment for inversion practice. Being upside down also has many health benefits. Feet Up Trainer

Yoga Class/ YouTube Yoga: It’s always nice going to a physical yoga class. There are so many fun options, Hot Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga workshops or a traditional vinyasa class. But when first starting out, going to yoga class can be intimidating. And learning the proper form, alignment and terminology for the yoga poses. I personally started using YouTube with different yoga channels like “Yoga with Adrienne”, “Five Parks Yoga”, and “Alo Yoga Channel” which also has a monthly subscription you can take unlimited yoga classes of all different types. This is a great option if your pressed for time or don’t have it in your budget for a yoga studio.

Clothing: Lastly and most important, clothing! You wouldn’t wear jeans and a T-shirt to the gym so same goes for yoga. You can buy yoga gear pretty much every where. If you look and feel good for practice the more you will enjoy it. Brands that I love for my practice are Alo Yoga, Victoria Secret, H&M, and Fabletics. You can wear tights, yoga pants, shorts or joggers and harem pants if tight pants aren’t your thing. You can also use yoga socks to help increase friction. This is optional, yoga is usually done barefoot.

Investing in yoga equipment is a must to help you continue your practice. I purchased most of these products through amazon. I did not buy these products all in one day and I don’t expect you to buy these the first day you start your practice. Yoga is a constant practice and if you feel like you’ve hit a plateau, this list of equipment will help get you past that.

“Yoga is not about touching your toes, it’s what you learn on the way down”. – Jigar Gor

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