Beginner’s Guide to Supplementing a Vegan Diet

When you switch to a plant based diet, there are so many people suddenly becoming a nutritionist and saying how malnourished you will become with the change.  That is never the case if you supplement and eat enough whole foods in your diet. You should always get your blood levels tested prior to your transition and routinely like once a year or every 6 months depending on your medical history.  I can honestly speak from experience that I did have some mishaps with my state of being “malnourished” because I simply didn’t eat enough meals or supplement accordingly. You don’t have to use all the supplements in one day; just incorporating them every other day, weekly or monthly works as well.  Whatever you feel works best for you. Here are the supplements I use and I have found amazing results by using them.

Best Vegan Supplements

Vitamin B12 Spray: The main concern when switching to a plant based diet is a vitamin B12 deficiency. This should be taken as instructed on the bottle or as prescribed by a provider. Our source of B12 is from meat products that graze from the soil when they eat; when we eat plants we usually wash off the dirt  and that is why we become deficient. Symptoms of a deficiency can be anemia, nerve damage, and fatigue. The brand that is in the picture is what I find to be the best because it is sourced naturally without added preservatives. Using a spray recommended for better absorption, the oral tablets don’t get fully absorbed as well. You can also use “Nutritional Yeast” sprinkled on your foods to add extra taste and nutrients to your meals as well.

Wheat grass: You can juice your own wheat grass or you can do it the lazy way like I do, if your short on time and purchase the powder. I sometimes get a mixed green powder with wheat grass in it as well. It is loaded with so many essential vitamins like A,C,E, iron, magnesium, calcium and amino acids. I mix mine with organic orange juice, coconut water, or add it to a green smoothie for the best taste.

Maca Powder:  has a variety of health benefits. The main reason I use it for is chronic fatigue or anxiety relief. Increasing your energy levels to eliminate caffeine from your diet. It helps with all things Women’s and Men’s reproductive health, improves memory, and lowers blood sugar. I put a spoonful in smoothies or oatmeal.

Cacao: is what dark chocolate is made of. Buying it in powder form allows you to sweeten up any plant based dessert, smoothie, or oatmeal. Full of antioxidants to help with cholesterol, blood pressure and brain health.

Spirulina: is another green powder. It is a type of cyanobacteria derived from fresh or salt water filled with tons of nutrients. It has so many benefits like cancer prevention, lowers blood pressure, regulates blood sugars, anti-inflammatory, improves immune response and helps aid in heavy metal detoxification. Most importantly may be effective against anemia. This is my favorite supplement to use.

Pumpkin seeds: They are known mainly for your heart health but it is great for improving sleep, sperm quality and bladder health. They are easy to incorporate as a snack or added to a smoothie or salad.

Chia seeds: The plant based source of Omega 3 fatty acids. (Fish oil is filled with mercury and plastics. This would be a great switch to any diet.) High in fiber, protein, calcium and antioxidants.

Whether on a plant based diet or not, we could all use these foods to supplement our diet, to help heal and give us the optimum health we deserve. You will always find someone saying a healthy diet is so expensive but so are medical bills after not using a healthy diet. Invest in your health. They are easy to buy, I have found the most inexpensive ways to purchase these items are through websites like amazon, thrive market or vitacost.

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