10 Ways Pets Improve Your Health

Have you ever noticed how you feel after spending time with your dogs, cats, or other pets? I certainly do. I am a crazy fur mom with 2 dogs and 4 cats. I always feel less stressed and calm after relaxing with my fur babies. Evidence shows that not just our mood benefits but our overall health does as well. Here are some of the ways our pets benefit our health.

  1. Lower blood pressure.
  2. Lower Cholesterol.
  3. Mood Boost.
  4. Mental health (Ease depression and anxiety).
  5. Increases fitness (walking or running with your pet).
  6. Decrease chance of stroke.
  7. Increase social connections with other pet owners.
  8. Stronger immunity and less allergies.
  9. Soothing heat for chronic pain.
  10. Protection (service dogs).


There are opposite studies that show our pets can make us sick as well. As long as you properly care for your pets with proper hygiene and medical attention when necessary, that should never be an issue. I have personally felt that my pets improve my health. The healing purrs of my cats when I am sick and cuddling with my dogs have helped to ease my stress and anxiety. When considering to have a pet of your own, always remember ADOPT, Don’t shop!

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