3 Best Essential Oils For Acne

Acne can make us feel self conscious. You feel uncomfortable taking pictures or use loads of make up to cover it up, causing more acne in the long run. I am constantly battling  with acne. I have to change my skincare regimen and it works for a bit but it seems my body grows a tolerance to the treatments. I have gone to numerous dermatologists. Some prescribe the same strong, over-drying medications that make you avoid sunlight or the side effects can be sun spots or skin discoloration, or they tell me about steroid injections which cause temporary results. I eat a predominantly clean diet but my issue is my stress and sleep management. I am currently working as a mid-shift RN in the Emergency Department so my sleep schedule can be sporadic. So changing my lifestyle factors can be hard at this time. As I am sure it will be hard for all of us to do as well. Lately, I have been switching oils throughout the week and have noticed a difference. All of these oils are great for inflammation and as an anti-septic or anti-bacterial for future breakouts.


Can be used as a spot treatment or around face without dilution.

Tea tree

Can be used as a spot treatment or around face without dilution. I also combine both Frankincense and Tea tree for a stronger effect.


Must be diluted with a carrier oil like  Jojaba or Coconut oil, it will burn your face like a chemical peel if you don’t. ( I have learned through experience). Or you can use it as a spot treatment with a Q-tip.

Using these oils will help get your skin looking better, even if you can’t change the lifestyle factors. Everybody does have different skin types so I do recommend that you use these essential oils as spot treatment and then use it around entire face once you know how you will react to it.

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