Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

What is sciatic nerve pain?
Pain, tingling or numbness to the lower back area and can sometimes radiate down your leg.
Before I started lifting/ transferring  patients that were double or triple my size I still used to suffer from this. Using the wrong body mechanics can be a key factor.  Whether you’re in the medical profession or any type of profession, sciatic nerve pain can be dreadful. Prescribed anti- inflammatory medications or NSAIDS do work but to prevent it or help the pain without medications would be more beneficial. With time the medications can be harmful to your stomach. Here’s the remedy that I use.
Simple stretches to start off your days and end your night before bed. When a flare up does occur rub eucalyptus or lavender essential oil to relieve the pain and a heating pad if you have one handy.  Using a  Yoga Wheel or inversion table for at least 5 minutes a day using slow controlled breathing. I stretch with hip and chest openers as pictured below. And using proper body mechanics. ALWAYS lift or bend at the legs NOT your back. If you find yourself having long work days on your feet and straining your back, try  a quick stretch in-between the work day to help relieve some tension as well.
This is the best priced inversion table with the best reviews. Heavy Duty Inversion Table
Stretches for sciatic nerve pain:
Stretch with yoga wheel
Pigeon Pose
Seated Pigeon
Standing Pigeon
Wheel Pose
If you have tried any of the stretches and feel any type of pain, discontinue and find a stretch that works best for you.

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  1. Nan says:

    I too suffer from sciatic pain. Yoga has been my saving grace! Pigeon pose is one of the best stretches that gives me relief. Thanks for sharing!

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