Moon Madness

Does the full moon and new moon really affect us? 
There are many myths and urban legends stating this but there is no actual scientific evidence. But a lot of things we believe are not always explained by science. The wolves howling at the moon and the usual increase of unstable psychiatric complaints in the emergency department around this time can be enough proof. Sometimes you may find yourself or the people around you being more anxious or edgy. Even the tides of the oceans are reacting to the moon as well. As humans we are mainly water so there is a pretty good chance we are affected.
Full Moon Meditation Techniques
〰️Get outside and moon gaze.
〰️Clean your home and sage/smudge.
〰️Think positive thoughts and affirmations.
〰️Meditate alone or in a group.
〰️Envision your dreams and goal manifesting.
〰️Send blessings to people in need.
〰️Avoid arguing or getting angry.
〰️Find your Mantra.
Mark your calendars and get in touch with nature. It will enhance your mood and spirit.
The full moon, The mandala of the sky.

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  1. Sushine says:

    Love it love it love it!!!!!! what you post makes a lot of sense thank you for your information I’m going to apply it to my lifestyle you are awesome thank you hippie nurse 😇

    Liked by 1 person

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