10 Tips For The New Nurse

Welcome to the finish line. Congrats new grad. Now you’re out on the field and you’re like a deer in headlights. Things are rarely done by the book except for sterile technique. You notice medicine is not treated as black or white. It is one big grey area. There are protocols for pretty much everything and you need to know them all. So what do you do? RELAX! If you feel overwhelmed take it day by day and in about 6 months to a year, you will feel more comfortable with your nursing judgment. You will make your own routine and unique way of nursing.
  1. When in doubt, always ask. There are plenty of resources.
  2. Trust your gut. If something seems wrong it probably is.
  3. Prioritize.
  4. Delegate tasks. (Don’t try to do it all by yourself)
  5. Pat yourself on the back for the good and learn from the bad.
  6. Make checklists on each patient. (Results, pending labs, tests, medications, vitals and blood sugar checks)
  7. Set alarms on your phone or watch for time sensitive tasks that you will mostly likely forget.
  8. Continue your education with evidence based practice.
  9. Slow down when you’re stressed out. Being faster doesn’t mean you’ll work better.
  10. Be confident. (Fake it until you become it)
“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen”. – Brene Brown

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